Internet Plans

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No Long Term Contracts

Our Service Level Retains our Customers

ALL PLANS ARE "Deflated" BY $5.00 UNTIL DEC 31, 2023

30 days No Risk! - If we cannot deliver great service, we will refund you in full!

Choose a plan that is right for you. Plans can be changed at any time.
NEW PLANS - SAME PRICE! Our 25 mbit plan is now 30 mbit, and the 50 mbit plan is 60mbit.
That is 20% more speed for the same price!

  • Raptor 10 Standard
    10 Mbps Download
    3 Mbps Upload

    Light email and web browsing for one or two people.

    $75.00 / Month

  • Raptor 30 Pro
    30 Mbps Download
    10 Mbps Upload

    Average use for Youtube, Netflix, Skype

    $85.00 / Month

  • Raptor 60 Elite
    60 Mbps Download
    15 Mbps Upload

    Gaming, Netflix HD, Skype, Youtube for a few users at the same time.

    $100.00 / Month

  • Raptor Custom

    Custom plans for Large Businesses, Hotels, Motels

    $TBD / Month

  • Raptor Monitor

    Low bandwidth plans for remote monitoring of critical infrastructure and telemetry purposes such as grain bin temperature and moisture.

    $TBD / Month

Managed WiFi service is $7.00 per month. We will supply a router with Wifi for your home or business and manage it for you. Call us for more details.

Public Static IP's available for $10.00 per month. If you need more, justification will need to be provided.


All wireless plans are subject to signal quality at the location that the service is installed. The speeds indicated on the plans above are Up To the speeds for that plan. Your location may not be able to achieve the fastest speeds available on our network. A free site survey can be performed to determine the actual speeds attainable at your location.

Installation cost of $75.00 to $125.00 will be billed at commencement of service. Internet Service plan will be forward billing
(Subject to several install factors, for more information please contact our office. Install costs are as above if installation is completed during first site visit. Additional cost if a re-visit is required if customer decides to wait until later date)

Our goal is to have outstanding service and reliability. We trust that this will retain clients and feel that there is no need to lock you into a term if you are not happy with the service. Although we want to resolve any issues, and will do what it takes to solve them. We ask that you let us know if you have any. We do welcome your input on this if you preffer to have a service term length.

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